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67% of shorter women are shopping less

Did you know 67% of shorter women are shopping less? 

"I'm 4' 11" and have started shopping less due to the lack of appropriate sizes and i'm so tired of the hunting for the right fit."

We conducted a survey asking shorter women about their shopping habits. Specifically, we surveyed over 100 women under 1.60m (5ft 3in) in height. The results showed that 67% of these women shop rarely and only purchase items that fit them well. The remaining 33% of women shop frequently, but their clothing requires some alterations. Many of these women shared that they have limited wardrobes and shopping is not as enjoyable as it is for their taller friends. They are frustrated that retailers do not cater to their needs, which has left them to wear baggy clothing due to the high cost of alterations.

We have compiled a list of the top responses from petite women around the world below:

"I'm 1.48 m (4f 10") and have a very limited closet, it's practically empty. Shopping is not fun, more like a hunting game finding that one pieces that will fit well. I'm not happy with how less is available to us"

"What many of us need is short women's sizing. Just because we are short, we do not necessarily have tiny shoulders, arms, busts, tummy, or thighs. We are women, just short."

"Can't remember the last time I went on a proper clothing shopping spree..."

"Oh my gosh! I just told my husband I stopped shopping because lack of petites."

" I am tired of having to calculate how much alterations are going to cost on top of what i'm Buying. I want sleeves that I don't have to roll up."

"Petite does not mean that we need children sized clothes, we also have curves..." 

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