73% of shorter women wish they were taller

73% of shorter women wish they were taller

Did you know 73% of shorter women wish they were taller?

"A huge part is not being able to find clothing. And another thing is that I feel a lot of people don't take me seriously." 

Our recent survey has uncovered a concerning issue of heightism that affects women of shorter stature.

We surveyed 126 women under 1.6m/5f 3", and a staggering 73% wished they were taller. The reasons included limited clothing options and sizing for shorter women, discrimination against short models in the fashion industry/ shorter bodies in popular media, and everyday tasks being more difficult because the world is built for taller people (grocery store shelves, car seats). Some even mentioned bullying and negative comments received about their height. However, 27% of respondents reported being content with their height and embracing self-love and acceptance. These findings emphasise the importance of promoting inclusivity and acceptance of diverse body types, regardless of height.

Below are some of the comments received from the respondents:

"I have always noticed that taller bodies are idealised in the media, especially in fashion, which made me feel very insecure about my height growing up. Now, I am learning to embrace and love myself fully. I choose not to shop in the junior section anymore. I shop from smaller petite clothing brands that understand and represent my body. I do this for my overall exterior appearance as a short female adult and my mindset." 

"So i'm not at armpit height!"

"Gaining weight isn't as noticeable when you are taller." 

"For the amount of times i've heard 'if you weren't that short you could have been a model'."

"I've been told to go back to pre-school"

"People always ask me why I am so short, and then they want to know more about my family history to make my height connection problem."  

"I have learnt to love myself, and I am NOT going down that insecure path again!"

"I was created beautifully by god." 

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