86% of shorter women shop in the kid's section

86% of shorter women shop in the kid's section

Did you know 86% of shorter women are shopping in the kid's section? 

"As a grown woman, I feel so embarrassed shopping in the kids section." 

Many women of shorter stature often struggle to find properly fitting clothing season after season. Even petite adult women frequently have to resort to shopping in the children's section to find suitable attire for work or events. To gain a better understanding of this issue, we surveyed petite women between the ages of 20 and 50, asking if they had ever shopped in the children's section. To our surprise, we received responses from 196 participants, and a significant 86% confirmed that they had resorted to this. The majority of women were shopping for jackets, leggings, and knitwear in this department because it was their only option. Some respondents mentioned that shopping in the kid's section negatively impacted their mental health, as they felt they deserved dignity while shopping for clothing.

We received messages from both men and women on this topic, and some of them are shared below:

"If I may add though as someone petite and curvy, even the kid's section can't save me anymore... We shouldn't as adult women have to go to the kids' section to find clothing that fits us. We deserve the maturity & dignity of clothing that's for us."

"Just went to Zara and associates kept telling me I was in the wrong section [kids section]."

"I have gone looking for workwear pieces in the kid's section because nothing fits in the adult section. At times I had to wear leggings to work because finding work trousers is impossible."

"I usually buy my basic knitwear from the kid's section since they fit me well, but I struggle to find pants. Pants in the kid's section don't go past my thighs, and women's pants are long tunnels. Alterations are costly, and clothing is becoming too expensive for me."

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