What should modelling be based on: Height or Skill Sets?

What should modelling be based on: Height or Skill Sets?

Based on a survey, 88% of respondents expressed that modelling should be based on skill sets rather than height.

The fashion industry has shown bias towards taller bodies for several decades. High-end brands usually hire models above 1.75m/5ft 9in without thoroughly considering their skill set. This preference has made petite/ shorter women feel excluded from the fashion and modelling world.

To better understand the issue of heightism in the fashion industry, we surveyed over 50 individuals from different backgrounds, including petite/ short women and models, taller women and models, and men, on what bases modelling should be based on: height or skillsets. 88% of the participants believed that skill sets should be the basis for modelling and shared that favouritism towards taller bodies is outright body discrimination. The remaining 22% disagreed, saying that fabric drapes better and looks better on taller bodies. Many shorter models have shared that they feel belittled by the fashion industry, noting that it is difficult to find an agency that will represent them, and if they do get representation, the jobs they receive are limited. 

We have gathered the top responses from the respondents on this issue below:

"All my life, I have heard from EVERY brand and agency I submitted to, "You've got the look! You've got the walk! But you are too short." Why should my height matter if you CLEARLY see that I'm capable?"

"Fashion designers need to make changes quickly, this old outdated requirement is not okay anymore. This is body discrimination!"

"Clothing brands should prioritise representing diverse body types in their campaigns to better connect with consumers and increase sales."

"I have been told by modelling agencies to give up on my dreams as this is not what fashion designers want."
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