Why are shorter women belittled in the workplace: paid less, promoted less, respected less.

Why are shorter women belittled in the workplace: paid less, promoted less, respected less.

Why are shorter women belittled in the workplace:
Paid less, Promoted less, Respected less. 

"I have been compared to a child at every job. I'm an adult woman."

Have you ever noticed that shorter women are often disrespected, paid less, and promoted less in the workplace? Studies have shown that height is associated with status, power, and achievement, which means that tall women are often viewed as more authoritative and are more likely to be promoted to management positions. Each inch of height above average is worth an extra $789 per year, according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. Unfortunately, this bias can lead to unfair treatment of shorter women, who may be seen as better suited for traditional roles like homemaking rather than ambitious careers. Many shorter women have shared their experiences of being talked down to or belittled in the workplace due to their height below: 

"I worked in the medical field for 12 years. I cannot tell you how many times the doctors would treat me like a child, or patients demanding care from another person because I looked like a high school graduate and they didn't trust me... the list goes on. But in the end, it gave me tough skin and I started sticking up for myself and demanding respect. It's not easy for us but we shouldn't be treated differently due to our stature."

"As a runway model, this behaviour is prevalent in the fashion industry. I get overlooked and passed up on opportunities due to my height regardless of talent, confidence and experience. And the other factor is the fact that I am much older than others. In a world of taller and younger models, I have to work twice as hard. But I welcome these challenges! Runway modelling is my passion and it gives me a huge satisfaction with every accomplishment, big or small."

"... However, it is not just that. Sometimes we shorter women are more submissive, quiet and not as confident as our tall colleagues. However, it does play a big role, especially when hiring."

"As a person who is 5f and has a baby face, I face the same issue! People often overlook my abilities and skills as an SMM until I put my foot down. Discrimination of any kind makes you shift into your masculine energy which is then again frowned upon! It's a vicious cycle."

"I am 50 years old and still being called "cute" in the workplace."

"I’ve had a male boss tell me I need to wear higher heels if I want to get ahead."

"I left my job because of this, regardless of how good I was."

"During my law school moot court competition, a judge told me "You should have worn heels" I'm 5'2."

"Well, it happens with men too... if you're immensely skilled and good looking too it's a privilege."

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