Why do petite/ shorter women settle for small luxuries?

Why do petite/ shorter women settle for small luxuries?

Why do petite/ shorter women settle for small luxuries?

"I'm 5f 1", and when I attend a red carpet or gala event, I wear luxury everything except dresses/ gowns..."

Simply, luxury brands do not produce quality petite-sizing clothing for shorter women. This leaves us to settle for smaller alternatives to experience the allure of luxury.

We have spoken to petite women between the ages of 29-39. They are doing well in their careers, have the financials, appreciate quality and craftsmanship, and don't mind spoiling themselves occasionally on luxury goods. Their current outfits consist of cheaper quality clothing paired with luxury items, e.g. designer handbags, silk scarves, Hermes belts and shoes, or Chanel lipstick. They said it's frustrating to buy quality outfit sets and have their tailors alter most pieces in their wardrobe only to look and feel presentable at work, events, or casually.

Below are comments shared with us from petite women:

"As someone who is under 5 feet tall and has the financial means to purchase luxury and premium goods, I typically invest in high-quality accessories (bags, shoes, make-up). However, I am frustrated with the lack of options for high-quality clothing that fits my stature. As an adult woman, I would like to dress in clothing of similar quality to the accessories I purchase and wear. Cheap clothing options are no longer acceptable to me."

"When I have an event, I often end up wearing my Jimmy Choo's with a dress that costs 20 Pounds."

"I own luxury accessories and pair them with cheaper clothing, not because I can't afford luxury clothing, but because of the lack of garment sizings available for us shorter women. Fashion is supposed to be about diversity, but they still have a long way to go. It's a shame that big brands aren't doing anything about it. We are women too and we deserve quality clothing as well!"

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