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Petite Clothing Brand of the Year - South Africa

The House of Arti is delighted to have received the award for "Petite Clothing Brand of the Year - South Africa (2023)" from Lux Life Magazine, a well-renowned British Fashion and Apparel Awarding Body. This award has been received warmly by the team at the House of Arti.


A letter from the Founder:

Dear Petite Ladies,

Receiving this award is something I never thought would happen so early in my career, especially with the brand being under two years old.

Behind the scenes, this brand has been in the works for many years as I worked on my business plan in my bedroom. And now it is growing by the day! I owe it all to the petite community for embracing my petite clothing brand with much appreciation and constant support. This award motivates me and the team to continue pushing for inclusivity in fashion and raising awareness of the petite body, but most importantly, providing us extra-petites and petites with beautifully tailored petite clothing.

Thank you once again for your support towards the brand. I look forward to serving you even better than before at the House of Arti.

With much love,
Arti Juglal 


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