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Please note that all items listed on the House of Arti website may not be available in stock at the time of your order. In case any item is unavailable, we will reach out to you shortly via email. However, we cannot guarantee that the content of our site is free of inaccuracies or typographical errors at all times. We also cannot ensure that all information is up to date. We may change the content of our site at any time without prior notice. Although we make an effort to display the correct texts, images, and pricing on our website, errors may occur. If you have been charged the wrong amount, we will give you the option of placing a new order with the correct price or cancelling your order. We reserve the right to cancel any order before dispatch if we find that the price is incorrect. In such a case, we will notify you via email. If we cannot reach you, your order will be automatically cancelled. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by using our site or not being able to use it. We also cannot guarantee problem-free, uninterrupted, and secure access to our site.



The following Terms and Conditions apply to all the orders placed on the website of the House of Arti www.house-of-arti.com. These Terms and Conditions are an agreement between you and the 'House of Arti'. We, at The House of Arti, will be referred to as "us" or "we" throughout these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are also valid for all the use of the House of Arti's website and any direct contact with our sellers.

When you use our website or place an order on our website, you are confirming that you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions. Before you accept our Terms and Conditions, you should also read and understand our Privacy Policy. Please note that we reserve the right to revise our Terms and Conditions at any time. However, the Terms and Conditions that you have accepted before placing your order will apply to your order. Therefore, you should keep a copy of our Terms and Conditions for future reference.

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee the availability of all products presented on our website. We reserve the right to stop selling any product at any time.

The language of the Terms and Conditions is English.



Before you finalise your order, you will have a chance to review all your selections, the information you have provided, and the total price of your order, and correct any input errors you may have made. Please keep in mind that the products in your shopping cart are not reserved and may be purchased by other customers until your order has been accepted by the House of Arti.



Please be aware that all orders you place with us are subject to our acceptance. We reserve the right to refuse your order for any reason without incurring any liability to you. There are several reasons why we might not be able to accept your order, including but not limited to:

- The product you ordered is out of stock.
- We are unable to obtain payment authorisation.
- There is an error in the product information, such as the price or promotion.
- We suspect fraudulent activity.

Once we have processed your order, we will send you a shipping confirmation email that includes all relevant information about your order. This email serves as our acceptance of your order.



The House of Arti aims to provide accurate descriptions of its products on the website. However, please bear in mind that the colours of the products shown in the pictures on the website may differ slightly from their actual colours due to the colour settings on your computer. The House of Arti cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies resulting from this.



Please note that the prices of our products on our website are displayed in South African Rand (ZAR). However, we do provide a currency converter with different options such as US Dollar (USD), Australian Dollar (AUD), British Pound (GBP), and Euro (EUR) for your convenience. It is important to note that we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the foreign currency converters as they may be subject to changes depending on the stock market. We do not control the foreign prices presented.

The prices and delivery costs that are shown on our website include VAT.

Additionally, please keep in mind that the prices and delivery costs displayed on the website may vary from time to time. The House of Arti is not bound by the price until we have accepted the order by sending the shipping confirmation to you.



Our payment provider is PayFast, which is known to be the most secure payment provider in South Africa. Please note that all payments made on House of Arti's website, both in South Africa and internationally, will be charged in South African Rand (ZAR). We accept payments via Mastercard and Visa card only. However, please be informed that we cannot be held responsible for any charges or penalties that may be imposed by the payment provider as a result of payment being processed for your order.



We ship all orders from our Head Office located in Durban, South Africa via DHL Express for both domestic and international orders.



Please note that we regularly test our garments on bodies of different heights and sizes within each height range to ensure a perfect fit at all times. However, please be aware of your body proportions as we cannot be held responsible if the garment does not fit you in your height range due to your unique body proportions. For instance, you may have a short torso and arms where Range A clothing (shirts and blouses) may be suitable for you, and longer legs where Range B trousers may fit you better.

It is essential to know your correct height by not including your hair height and wear shoes when measuring yourself. We cannot be held liable for inaccurate clothing sizes if you think you are taller or shorter than you are. 

Sharing hateful comments on social media or any media outlet is unacceptable and will be considered unlawful.

If you have any issues with our product sizing, please send us an email.  



If you purchased our products solely for a photoshoot or social media review, you will not be eligible for a return, exchange, or refund of the products.



The documents provided on this website, including trademarks, logos, graphics, text, photos, designs, icons, images, data, and software, are protected by copyright law and are owned by or licensed to The House of Arti and its affiliates. You are allowed to use this material for personal, non-commercial purposes only. You may download, print, and save copies of this material for your personal use, as long as you include the Copyright Permission Notice in all such copies. You cannot charge anyone for the use of this material, and you cannot publish, duplicate or distribute the material to others without prior consent from The House of Arti. You cannot modify the material in any way without the prior written permission of the copyright owner. Unless expressly stated in this legal notice, no rights or licenses to the material, or any portion thereof, shall be granted or implied.


The latest update of the Terms and Conditions of The House of Arti was made in March 2024.


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