The House of Arti is a modern luxury petite clothing brand tailored for extra-petite & petite women between 1.4m to 1.59m | 4’7.1" to 5’2.6".

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The best petite clothing brand for women - The House of Arti


A modern approach to the traditional blue-and-white sailor's stripe reimagined in pure cotton and linen fabrications.


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  • The best petite clothing brand for woman - House of Arti

    I absolutely love the dress - just tried it on. The dress and fabric feel very high quality and you advised me so well on the sizing!

    - Jenna (5'1) USA

  • The best petite clothing brand for woman - House of Arti

    The dress is lovely and the fit is fire!

    - Patricia (Range B) USA

  • The best petite clothing brand for woman - House of Arti

    OMG! I can't wait to wear this dress to work this summer. It's so comfortable, beautifully made, and the fit is perfect.

    - Kavita (5'2) AU

  • The best petite clothing brand for woman - House of Arti

    I'm 4'8 and the shirt fits beautifully and very well made. You have done an excellent job with extra petite sizings.

    - Mira (4'8) AU

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Do your garments fit correctly in each height range?

Yes, we conduct regular tests on our garments using bodies of varying sizes and heights within each height range to guarantee that the garments fit and are graded accurately. 

However, please be aware of your body proportions as we cannot be held responsible if the garment does not fit you in your height range due to your unique body proportions. For example, you may have a short torso and arms where Range A clothing (shirts and blouses) may be suitable for you and longer legs where Range B trousers may fit you better.

It is essential to know your correct height, not including your hair height and wearing shoes when measuring yourself. We cannot be held liable for inaccurate clothing sizes if you think you are taller or shorter than you are.

View our Size Guides here.

Why is the Pre-order timeframe so long?

The House of Arti is a fairly new clothing brand that produces a limited number of units for selected styles per collection. The pre-order threshold gives us an indication of how many units to order per style. This approach helps us reduce garment waste, and we only reproduce items that are guaranteed to sell out. The estimated pre-order timeframe is approximately 4-8 weeks, which is the best possible timeframe given to us by our manufacturers for the garments to be shipped out to you. We truly appreciate your patience in waiting for our unique pieces that are only available to a few petite/ shorter women around the world.

Why are your garments so expensive?

At House of Arti, we prioritise quality and fit above everything else.

Our garments are beautifully made by skilled artisans who understand quality and our unique sizing requirements. Secondly, we value sustainable textiles and ethical manufacturing methods, ensuring that everyone involved in the process is paid fairly.

Lastly, we have developed custom garment blocks that only our skilled manufacturing teams can understand. These unique blocks allow our customers to shop for garments based on their size and height range.

Where are your garments made?

Our clothing line is sourced from various locations around the world, including China, Spain, Italy, and India, depending on the specific textile or craft we require. Our top priority is to work with skilled artisans and manufacturers who uphold ethical standards in their respective fields. They also assist us in sourcing the finest sustainable textiles from different parts of the world.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, our products are shipped worldwide for free.

However, we do not offer shipping services to countries that are currently located in war zone areas.

Our products are shipped only from our South African warehouse.

View our shipping policy.