House of Arti Makes Waves in Fashion Week History with its Debut Collection Designed Exclusively for Petite Women

House of Arti Makes Waves in Fashion Week History with its Debut Collection Designed Exclusively for Petite Women

"My most unforgettable career moment was being the first petite brand to showcase on the runway at New York Fashion Week."   

House of Arti made quite the entrance on the runways of New York Fashion Week, as part of the official brand debut on September 10th, 2022. The innovative collection, Breathe, featured natural fabric garments inspired by modern minimalism, clean silhouettes, and neutral tones, with a focus on designing high-quality fitted garments for petite women. 

House of Arti

Whether you are a woman establishing herself in the working world or a mother nurturing her family, this collection will inspire you to chase your dreams with confidence and live a life of purpose.

The current and future collections will follow the creative direction of quiet luxury, where quality and fit prevail above all else. For those who are hungry for well-fitted petite clothing, this collection will become available to order and pre-order on the 28th of April 2023. 


House of Arti is Changing the Narrative

House of Arti is truly ahead of its time as a fashion house, paving the way forward not only for petite women, but for other brands, designers, and creative individuals who are looking to inspire change or shift direction in the world of fashion.

For decades, the fashion industry has been a source of anxiety for women with body shapes that don’t fit the traditional sizing offered in boutique stores around the world. This is especially true in the luxury fashion arena where luxury clothing is only reserved for those with a particular body type making many women feel excluded.

House of Arti

For petite women in particular, it can be near impossible to find age-appropriate clothing that feels mature and sophisticated. This is because the fashion industry has either produced luxury clothes for taller women or cheaper alternatives from low-quality materials.

This story is not uncommon. The sad reality is that there are many petite women who have curvy bodies with bigger busts and thighs. No kids' clothes are going to fit mature working women or mothers - period.

House of Arti is shifting this narrative by promoting inclusivity for women that are yet to be catered to and by increasing opportunities for women to feel more confident in their skin. 

The Founder and Creative Director, Arti Juglal, has been repeatedly recognised by international publications such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and Harper's Bazaar for her experimental methods and believes that increasing body representation and innovation are the most important facets to change the narrative moving forward. 

House of Arti

When we empower women to reach their full potential, we empower the entire world to do the same. And it is clear to me that this inspiring young entrepreneur is the perfect pioneer to lead this important movement of self-expression without limitations for women of all body shapes, and to inspire the next generation of big thinkers and dreamers.

“I hope House of Arti will bring positive change, where being who you are is enough and worthy of being celebrated on a big scale.”


The Inspiration Behind House of Arti

The reality is that good things take time and House of Arti is no different. The brand is the result of 6 years of ideation, creative exploration, and research inspired by the Founder’s personal experiences as a petite woman herself.

“As a petite woman, I have always struggled to find clothing that made me feel luxurious - there were no well-made tailored pants, blouses, or dresses. As I grew older, it really started to affect me mentally. Many people today ask me if I wear kids' clothing.
House of Arti
These experiences led the Founder to conduct research and write her thesis on the lack of petite body representation in the fashion market and marketing media. What she found was less than positive when it came to body image and self-esteem.

No matter how hard she looked, she struggled to find any evidence of fashion brands that designed high-quality luxury clothing for petite women. She realised quickly that there was a huge gap in the market and that millions of women around the world were being neglected.

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic was a blessing in disguise, providing the final push for the Founder to choose the path less traveled and make the positive change needed.

“Watching the news and seeing how everything was changing so fast and how uncertain everything was, I realised that I only have now.”

Author: Freya Stockman
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